Alise Post - Tech, 2009

Posted by Communications Department on 4/6/2016

Alise Post

Alise Post is a 2009 Tech High School graduate who has hit the BMX world by storm.  After making the USA Olympic team in 2012, she now is preparing for the 2016 Olympics to represent Team USA in Rio De Janeiro.

BMX is short for bicycle motocross. The races usually entail steep curves and hills, creating a challenge to stay on the bike as well as to master speed.  

Starting at the age of 6, Post had to conquer her fears.

“My first race, I got so nervous I backed out, but came back for the second . . . After the first crash, it wasn’t so bad!”

Post grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota and started traveling for racing by the age of 10.  By the age of 15, she went international.

She looks back on her high school years with fond memories, even though she didn’t experience the typical high school life.  Traveling for races and keeping up with her advanced placement classes was somewhat of a juggling act.

“I was very involved in athletics,” reminisces Post. “The comradery was great. I remember going to Clark Field with friends. [Also] all the teachers were great and fun to be around. They were all so flexible and supportive of me with my BMX career.”

Post is committed to giving back to younger racers.  Even with a typical day of three to six hours of physical training and the rest of the day in mental and health preparation for the Olympics, she finds time to coach younger racers. She enjoys coaching girls and helping at charity events.  She loves to just show up at a track to ride, and she’s more than happy to give pointers. She wants to help the next generation.

Alise Post In a male dominated sport, Post relished the competition. 

“I always enjoyed hanging with the boys,” says Post. “I have two older brothers. I’ve definitely made a few boys cry [winning races growing up] . . . [Now] I really love to come back to Minnesota to focus on girls coaching sessions. There are a lot of little girls now [in the sport] which is amazing.”

Looking back, Post recognizes the barriers she faced.

“The challenge was not having a female mentor,” she states. “BMX is very young in the Olympic run. You still have to battle for sponsorships. [But] the world is changing, catering more to women’s needs.”

When giving advice to the next generation, she wants girls to realize that it’s okay to have messy “helmet hair” and scrapes.  She doesn’t want them to feel timid, but empowered.

“Everyone starts as a novice, no matter if you are a girl or a boy…[Being an athlete] is a lifestyle.  Every day you have to prepare your body better for the next day . . . I just want people to realize that anyone can do anything,” says Post.

Looking down the road, Post realizes that she will not always be an Olympic racer.  At this point, she believes that she’ll be done racing by the age of 35. Her next goal is to work in physical therapy, and she would really like to continue working with people in sports.

One thing is for sure in the future. She loves the St. Cloud area.

Post states, “I love supporting everything local. My biggest fan base is still Central Minnesota, and it is still my home.”


Update 8-19-16: Alise wins silver medal in BMX racing at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.