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Elementary Students Place at Math Masters

Three District 742 Math Master teams placed in area competitions. Math Masters is a program designed for fourth, fifth and sixth grade students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Math Master meets consist of individual challenges and teams contests. The competition consists of 8 rounds of math. Recently, the Oak Hill Owl team competed in the Hutchinson Regional Competition where they placed third out of 16 teams. Several individuals placed in the top 10 as well. 

Westwood Elementary Wildcats and Kennedy Colts battled at the Alexandria Regional Competition. The Wildcats brought home first place and the Colts took fourth place out of 27 teams. Individuals from each team were also recognized for the outstanding math skills.

Oak Hill Individual Results

Fact Drill:

  • Maverick Leammukda: 1st
  • Nawal Shafi: 2nd
  • Muad Ismail: 3rd
  • Yahyha Shafi: 10th

Individual Problem Solving:

  • Amelia Guse: 7th
  • Maverick Leammukda: 9th


Westwood Individual Results:

 Fact Drill:

  • Charlie Lozinski: 4th
  • Owen Gorder: 12th

Individual Problem Solving:

  • Asher Miller: 2nd
  • Charlie Lozinski: 12th
  • Owen Gorder: 13th


Kennedy Individual Results:

Individual Problem Solving:

  • Caden Olson: 1st
  • Sudays Ahmed: 7th
Oak Hill