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Dexter R. Stanton Award Winners Announced

St. Cloud Area School District students celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy by submitting an essay or artwork inspired by his work. They expressed their thoughts through an essay or artwork to be shared at the Annual MLK Breakfast on Jan. 20 at the River’s Edge Convention Center. 

Elementary students (K-4) are awarded $20. Middle-level (5-8) receive $50 and high school students receive $75.

Students who received the award:

Student Grade  School
Beckham Borresch 1 Kennedy
Elisa Jean Luna Munger 1 Kennedy
Sydney Austin 2 Kennedy
Kinsley Zellmann 2 Oak Hill
Javar Jackson 2 Talahi
Abdiladif Omar 4 Discovery
Abdiwasa Aided 4 Discovery
Zoe Collins 4 Discovery
Ochalla Mathew 4 Discovery
Josue Martinez-Trujillo 4 Discovery
Trinity Buffman 5 Lincoln
Maliyah Rogalski 5 Lincoln
Nadia Olson Elizabeth 6 South
Jay'la Rasberry 7 South
Elaina L. 7 South
Braeden Dahnke 8 South
Lily Bartosh 8 South
Izudin A. 8 South
Eva Stoeckel 8 South
Dylan Ancel 8 South
Bailey Noble 8 South
Lilian F.  8  
Fartun Bile 8  
India Ratha 9 Tech