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North Students Experience "History Live"

North Students

A recently awarded Innovation in Education Grant afforded 255 sixth-grade Social Studies students at North Junior High School the opportunity to experience History Live! History Live delivers high-energy, in-depth lessons to schools in Minnesota using interactive video technology.

Originating from the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, History Live is a 45 to 60 minute, two-way video conversation between North social studies teachers Kristin Herbert, Joan Elton, Jing Ma, their students and Minnesota History Center staff. North students will benefit from six lessons scheduled periodically throughout the school year that are aligned with national and current Minnesota academic standards. Lessons include “American Indian Culture Preserved in Stone,” “The Great Lakes Fur Trade,” “A 1900’s Logging Camp,” "Minnesota’s Culture and Geography,” “The CCC and the New Deal,” and “Inventions That Changed the Nation.” In addition to the scheduled History Live lessons, teachers receive guides for each lesson with interdisciplinary curricular materials to pre-teach, post-teach, enhance and extend lessons.

North Students