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Class of 2021 Yearbook Information

The events of this school year will have meaning for your student today and for years to come. 

Buy your student a yearbook today! 

Now through November 25, 2020 the purchase price of a yearbook is $65. This is the best value of the yearbook for the year! Prices will increase to $75 on November 26, 2020. 

To purchase a yearbook, visit: and enter our school name (Apollo, Saint Cloud, MN). 

Families of Graduating Seniors: 

Senior Portraits 

Instructions for Senior Portrait Submission  

  1. Visit  

  1. Search for our school name and click on Shop the Store  

  1. Select Community Upload  

  1. Enter access code: eaglebook  

  1. Choose photo topic portraits  

  1. Enter your student’s information and your email address  

  1. Submit your senior portrait  

Keep in mind:  
To maximize the consistency of each senior portrait, our yearbook staff will be utilizing a vertical “head/shoulder” photo. No props (athletic equipment, instruments, etc.) and no SnapChat filters will be permitted. This type of portrait allows us to provide consistency in our photos, as well as offer the most clarity in the space provided for each senior. The yearbook staff reserves the right to crop any submitted picture to meet these expectations. Senior Portrait submissions are due on January 1, 2021. 

Graduation Advertisements 

Graduation ads are full-color, congratulatory messages to graduating seniors from their families. They include the student’s name, a baby picture, and a short message. You can view the flyer here.

Families are given the opportunity to purchase a quarter page senior graduation advertisement for $30 or eighth page advertisement for $20. We accept ads and ad content through online submission only. Grad Ad submissions and are due on January 1, 2021.  

Instructions for Baby Ad Submission 

1. Visit 

2. Search for our school name and click on Shop the Store 

3. Select Create a Baby Ad 

4. Enter your student’s information and your email address 

5. Select design option “Have the School Design My Ad” or “Design My Own Ad Online” 

6. Follow the steps to upload the text and images for your ad. 

Yearbook Information- Contact Laura Doberstein with questions