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Apollo Awards and Scholarship Recognition

Each year, Apollo students are recognized for winning awards and scholarships. Awards come in throughout the year and relate to academics, arts, athletics and school organizations in which they have held leadership roles. Students apply for the scholarships in late March and early April through the Apollo Local Scholarship Application. These scholarships are provided by generous families, organizations, and businesses who have taken it upon themselves to support our community in general and specifically Apollo High School seniors. There are many entities involved in the selection process. Students are able to select which scholarships they would like to be considered for based on the criteria of the scholarships. Some scholarships have existed since the 1970’s while other scholarships are being offered for the first time this year. Our hope is that we recognize as many of our seniors as possible. Since there are so many entities involved in the selection process, many times there are students who are selected for multiple scholarships. It is amazing the different scholarships that are available and why they were established. There are memorial scholarships given in memory of former students, teachers, and loved ones. Scholarships are given by teacher unions, principal unions and retired teachers. We have local businesses that work through the St. Cloud Area Chamber of Commerce to give back to their community. In addition, local organizations make it part of their mission to support our students as they look to afford college. 
While we can’t gather in person this year to lift up these students and these different scholarship giving entities, we will continue to celebrate this beautiful partnership between Apollo High School and its surrounding community. This night is about honoring students for the hard work they have done and their continued promise of excellence. This night is also about families, organizations, and businesses that care so much about our students and their access to higher education.