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District Students Participate in a Roundtable Discussion with Governor Tim Walz

Future Problem Solvers team members from North Junior High and Apollo High School participated in a roundtable discussion with Governor Tim Walz, Commissioner of Education Mary Cathryn Ricker and Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm on Wednesday, October 23 at North Junior High School. The students gathered at the invitation of the state officials, who are holding discussions at schools throughout Minnesota regarding vaping and mental health concerns as evidenced in the most recent Minnesota Student Survey. Students shared with the governor and commissioners their perceptions, research and possible solutions for the vaping problem.

Future Problem Solvers team members in attendance: (left to right) Keira Alexander, (Grade 6) Lily Gallus, (Grade 6) Grace Fischer, (Grade 11) Nathan Nichelson, (Grade 7) Hawo Hussein, (Grade 8) and Kian Ahlbeck (Grade 7). (Back row) Paige Christenson (Grade 11).

District 742 staff participating in the roundtable included Future Problem Solvers Coach (and teacher) Karlyn Doyle, North Assistant Principal Heather Ebnet, North 8th Grade Counselor Diane Olson, District Chemical Health Counselor Delaney Weyer and District Nurse Rita Wotzka.

Also in attendance were Superintendent Willie Jett, Chairman of the Board of Education Jeff Pollreis and North Junior High School Principal Brian Nutter.

Governor Tim Walz