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  • District 742 Nutritional Services proudly prepares meals for our students and staff that are healthy and taste great. We serve meals that meet tough federal standards, ensuring that meals are nutritious and well-balanced, while providing students with all the energy they need to succeed at school. We prepare approximately 2000 nutritious breakfasts daily and 7000 lunches each day.

    Our menu provides a variety of choices that accommodate the wide range of students’ tastes, as well as gives students the opportunity to try and enjoy new foods. Breakfast meals include a main entrée, fruit choices, and milk. Lunch meals include a main entrée, fruit choices, vegetable choices, whole grain, and milk selection.

    Our a` la carte option is available for students to purchase food items individually rather than as a complete meal. A` la carte is available at the secondary schools only. Students are charged separate prices for each a` la carte item. Student a` la carte use may be blocked at parent/guardian request by calling the Nutritional Services Office at (320) 370-8150. A` la carte limits can be setup in Skyward.

    New School Menu Platform:

    MealViewer AppDistrict 742 has moved away from Nutrislice and is now using MealViewer. If you have the Nutrislice app, please delete it from your device. To access MealViewer, simply click on "Menus" from the Quick Links dropdown on your school or District website. The MealViewer To Go app can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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  • Sarah Motl

    Sarah Motl, Supervisor of Nutritional Services
    Phone: 320-370-8156

    LeeAnn Hance, Administrative Assistant

    Renee St. John, Clerical - Free/Reduced Lunch/Educational Benefits