• "Enter here the timeless fellowship of the human spirit." -Dr. George Norlin

    Unlock Your Musical Potential in Orchestra!

    Welcome: Welcome to the exciting world of Orchestra at North Junior High! Here, you'll embark on a musical journey, learning the art of playing string instruments, and experiencing the joy of performing together.

    What We Do:

    • Master the Fundamentals: Develop your skills on the violin, viola, cello, or bass through personalized instruction and daily practice.
    • Ensemble Power: Experience the power of music as you collaborate with your peers in our orchestras.
    • Beyond the Notes: Dive deeper into music theory, history, and composition, unlocking a richer understanding of your craft.
    • Express Yourself: Create and respond to music, letting your voice shine through your instrument.
    • Display Your Talent: Perform brilliantly in two annual concerts, presenting your individual and collective achievements.

    For Intermediate and Advanced Orchestra students:

    • Challenge Yourself: Participate in the combined Northside Orchestra Concert alongside Kennedy Community School and Apollo High School, pushing your musical boundaries.

    Stay Connected:

    • Announcements and Resources: Access detailed information, schedules, handouts, and more through your Schoology course pages.
    • Parent Access: Contact me for your parent access code to Schoology for regular updates and communication.
    • Student Contact: Need help? Reach out to me directly through Schoology Messenger.
    • Family Contact: For general inquiries, I'm always happy to respond to your emails and this is the easiest way to get in contact with me.

    Talent doesn't grow on trees. It grows in Orchestra.