Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration

Class of 2020 Graduation Information

  • Tech Class of 2020

    Congratulations Tech Class of 2020!

    Graduation is almost here!  We are excited to celebrate with you.  

    May 28 Graduation Celebrations:                                                                                   

    • 8 a.m - 6 p.m. - Senior Slideshow Billboard Tribute:

      A digital slideshow tribute to our seniors will play on billboards each graduation day from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. to honor the Class of 2020 and their hard work. The billboards are located at 33rd and Division and across from Crossroads Mall by Best Buy. Tech seniors will be celebrated all day May 28. Please note that the rotation of slides for the entire senior class will take approximately 40 minutes. Student photos are organized alphabetically by FIRST NAME. We caution everyone to be aware when driving and not stop or try to park on Division Street.

    • 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. - Celebratory Vehicle Parade:

      We invite all seniors and their immediate families to participate in a celebratory parade to say goodbye to staff and pick up their diplomas between 4:30-6:30 p.m. on May 28th at Tech and May 29 at Apollo prior to the virtual graduation ceremony.  Remember, students must return their laptops, textbooks, and any other school materials prior to receiving diplomas. 

       Since your health and safety is our top priority, please assist us in keeping students, families, and staff safe by following these expectations:

      • Use the main school entrance on 33rd Street S. to enter the parade. Follow staff directions to proceed along the route.  As you reach the end of the parade route, please form two lines to pick up your diploma, virtual graduation program, and honor cords, if applicable.  Exit lanes will be organized by last name, alpha.
      • Vehicles should proceed slowly and steadily along the parade route without stopping (except to pick up the diploma, virtual graduation program, and honor cords, if applicable, at the end of the route).
      • To eliminate distracted driving, a family member must be driving the vehicle, not the senior student.
      • Only household members may be inside each vehicle. Carpooling is not permitted.
      • Students and families must remain inside the vehicle at all times.
      • To allow all seniors to participate, please drive the parade route only once.
      • If you are unable to attend the parade, your diploma will be mailed to your home.

       Additional  information:

      • Students/families may decorate their vehicles with signs and decorations. The Parent All Night Grad Party committee will be hosting a vehicle decoration contest for those who choose to participate.
      • Students are encouraged to wear their cap and gown to the parade, but it is not required.
      • KCLD will live broadcast the event. Family and friends can tune into 104.7 starting at 4:30 p.m. on the day of the parade to join remotely or while you drive the parade route.
      • Photos and video will be taken of the event. These will be made available for viewing after the ceremonies on our website and featured on social media.  Please note, professional photos will not be taken of each senior because all students must remain inside the vehicle.
      • The parade will proceed as scheduled, rain or shine!

      Note:  33rd St S from Cooper to Oak Grove Road will be closed effective May 26.  Please consider this information when planning your drive to the Tech parade.

    • 7:30 p.m. - Virtual Graduation Ceremony: The Virtual Graduation Ceremony will air at 7:30 on the district and Tech websites and on Channel 179. We will make the ceremony available on YouTube following. The virtual graduation ceremony will involve as many of the traditional elements of a graduation ceremony as possible. It will include speeches from our senior and faculty speakers, principal, Board of Education member and Superintendent Jett. The ceremony will also include music from our own ensemble groups. We will read aloud each student's name and the senior's photo will appear. The graduates will appear in alpha order by last name. Electronic “invitations" that families can share with others so they can join in the virtual celebration are available below.


    • Photo Opportunities

             We will have a photo backdrop set up on each school’s grounds the week of June 1.  This backdrop is provided for families who wish to take their own photos.  Please follow social distancing                   guidelines.

    • Lighting of the Water Towers: The City of St. Cloud will light the water towers in Lincoln Park and by Highway 94. The towers will be lit in orange on May 28.


    • Mayoral Proclamations in Honor of Graduates
    • Mayor Kleis is issuing proclamations recognizing May 28 as Tech Tigers Day and May 29 as Apollo Eagles Day in honor of our graduating Class of 2020.  Please tune in to his daily and weekly broadcasts the week of May 25 to hear these announced.

    • Final Senior Celebration in July

      We hope to bring our seniors and their families together one last time as the Class of 2020 to recognize their accomplishments. If public safety allows, we will hold a celebration for our Class of 2020 on July 16 for Tech High School and July 17 for Apollo High School at the River's Edge Convention Center.


    PDF Invitation: Tp be sent as and attachment with a personized note from you.

    Social Media Images: To be posted on students/parents social media accounts.