Dyslexia Services

  • District 742 schools and trained staff are dedicated to helping all children become proficient readers. Within that, St. Cloud Area School District is committed to serving students who demonstrate characteristics of dyslexia. If your child displays typical characteristics of dyslexia it does not necessarily mean that your child has dyslexia. (See Dyslexia FAQ’s)

    Our ‘Continuum of Supports for Dyslexia’ is shared below. Students who have reading challenges may fall into one of the following categories. The diagram shows that students with a reading difficulty may not have dyslexia and furthermore that some students with dyslexia may not qualify for services. The level of services is dependent upon the impact of the disability. Our schools will work with parents to respond based on the level of identified needs. These needs are identified through district screeners and evaluation results. If you are concerned that your child may be dyslexic, please contact one of your building administrators.

Contact Information

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    Susan Keranen, Dyslexia Specialist

    1201 S. Second St.
    Waite Park, MN 56387

    Phone: 320-370-8086

Continuum of Supports for Dyslexia

  • Continuum of Supports