• Hello, my name is A.J. Ray and I am one of the 8th grade earth and space science teachers. This is my second year at South Jr. High and I am super thrilled to be back! In my classroom we will cover many things Earth related. We nerd out about cool rocks/minerals, explain how Earth's features shape the land, discuss how weather systems form and why the weatherman is always wrong, and we gain a feeling of how small we really are by looking at our solar system and its place in galaxy.


    This year I will have one co-taught class with Mr. Schmitz. The link to his webpage can be found here.


    If you ever have a reason to contact me:

    Email: andrew.ray@isd742.org

    Phone: 320-370-7299


    South Weekly Parent Newsletter: https://us11.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=ac35aace7f5a5c230613cdcf9&id=5f44cbe0f5