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    My 2019-2020 Schedule 


    1st Period- 6th Grade Social Studies

    2nd Period- 7th Grade Social Studies 

    3rd Period- 6th Grade Health

    4th Period- PREP

    5th Period- 7th Grade Social Studies 

    6th Period- 7th Grade Social Studies 


     6th Grade Social Studies is Minnesota Studies.  In this class we learn about Minnesota History, Economics, and Geography!  

    7th Grade Social Studies is the study of United States History from 1800-current.  

    6th Grade Health we get the opportuny to learn about making healthy choices, how our bodies grow, how to improve interpersonal communication, and other topics that may come up.  


    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me!  Alyssa.Burgett@isd742.org 


    Have a Great Day!! 

    -Ms. Burgett