My name is Cynthia Hearn and I am a Special Education teacher at South Junior High.  I will be teaching 6th grade Language Arts and 7th grade Math.



    As an educator, I believe it is important to create an atmosphere that strengthens each student’s unique learning style, as I believe it is the best way to increase student engagement. A classroom with engaged students creates an environment where students can learn and grow based on each other’s input.



    To provide an atmosphere where students are comfortable with stating their ideas, taking risks, and respecting others. Our learning community will introduce a standard-base curriculum that will provide a stepping stone to future grade level curriculum.


    DAILY  SCHEDULE                                          

    Advisory: 8:30 - 8:50                                                          

    Period 1(Math 6): 8:54 - 9:47

    Period 2(Math 6):  9:51 - 10:45

    Period 3(PREP/LUNCH):  10:45 - 12:17

    Period 4(Language Arts 7): 12:21 - 1:16

    Period 5 (Language Arts 7): 1:20 - 2:15

    Period 6(Language Arts 7):  2:19 - 3:15


    COURSE OVERVIEW:  Click on Image below