Elementary Spanish Instruction

  • Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, Clearview Elementary School will integrate Spanish language instruction into its regular curriculum for non-immersion students in kindergarten through fifth-grade. This implementation, called FLES, (Foreign Language in the Elementary School) will allow all Clearview students to receive Spanish instruction. FLES focuses on the development of listening and speaking skills as well as cultural awareness. Unlike an Immersion Program, students in FLES classrooms receive up to 30 minutes of Spanish instruction three times a week within their regularly scheduled day.

    FLES Classrooms:

    • Develop basic communicative skills in a language while reinforcing and enriching other content disciplines
    • Create an opportunity for all students, regardless of learning styles, achievement levels, race/ethnic origin, socioeconomic status or home language
    • Align with content standards in language arts and social studies

    Information Meeting:

    • Monday, Feb. 13
    • 5:30 p.m.
    • Clearview Elementary School
Spanish Classroom
  •  Implementation

    • Kindergartners receive 20 minutes of instruction three times a week and students in first through fifth-grade receive 30 minutes of instruction three times per week.
    • Spanish instruction is focused on both Spanish language proficiency and cultural knowledge and understanding.
    • Class instruction is primarily in Spanish.
    • The curriculum is aligned with District 742 content standards in language arts and social studies.
    • Students remaining at Clearview for kindergarten through fifth-grade will be ready for Spanish level II in junior high, with a range of advanced level course offerings available in high school. Some of these courses may provide college credit to students.


    Spanish Learning by Grade Level

    Each year, the Spanish curriculum focuses on different themes and cultural concepts.

    Kindergarten Spanish Learning:

    • GreetingsSpanish Classroom
    • Colors
    • Shapes
    • Seasons/weather
    • Calendar
    • Animals
    • Body parts
    • The alphabet
    • Counting
    • Clothing
    • Culture


    First-Grade Spanish Learning:

    • Continuing kindergarten themes
    • Family
    • Health


    Second through Fifth Grade Spanish Learning:

    • Continuing kindergarten and first-grade themes
    • Map skills
    • Cultural presentations


    As the program grows, the following will be added to grade-level Spanish:

    • Math vocabulary
    • Story comprehension
    • Comparing/contrasting
    • Sun/moon/stars
    • Parts of a tree
    • Life cycle
    • Cultural connections



    Offering Spanish instruction to all students at Clearview draws a diverse body of students who share an interest in a common subject. Research indicates that early study of a second language results in increased cognitive skills, higher achievement levels in other academic areas and test scores, improved self-esteem and an appreciation and empathy towards other cultures and ways of life as well as long-term benefits such as college readiness, career potential, etc.