Staff Spotlight

  • "Staff Spotlight" is a section dedicated to featuring the unique and talented staff of District 742. If you know of someone that would be great to highlight, please contact the communications team at

Susan Keranen

  • Susan Keranen It’s October and winter is on its way. Susan Keranen is excited because she loves to downhill ski with her family. She loves to cook, bake and read, too. However, what she is really passionate about is helping those with dyslexia, a reading disorder with a wide spectrum of characteristics that presents itself in difficulty … Read more

Anisa Hagi-Mohamed

  • Anisa Hagi-Mohameds Her journey home has been a long one. It began in Somalia with her parents and six siblings. She does not have many memories of that early life, but remembers life was good until civil war broke out when she was three years old. Her parents fled with their family to a refugee camp in … Read more

Stephanie Peterson

  • Stephanie Peterson What’s your superpower? In addition to her talent for teaching, Social Studies and Art Coordinator Stephanie Peterson loves to cook. If you visit her office, you may be lucky enough to taste one of her amazing snacks. Today, it was macaroons and roasted rosemary nuts. Peterson, an 11-year veteran of District 742, is known for her … Read more

Mike Bakken

  • Mike Bakken It was 26 years ago when Michael Bakken, a special education physical education teacher, began teaching in St. Cloud Area School District. He became a teacher because of his love for kids. “I was inspired by a physical education teacher many years ago and decided that’s what I wanted to do,” explains Bakken. Happenstance put him … Read more

Graham Litterst

  • Graham Litterst Graham Litterst, English language teacher at South Junior High School, wanted to stay as far away from teaching as he could. Both his parents were professors. His mother taught at St. Cloud State University and his father at the College of St. Benedict. Growing up, he saw first hand how they dedicated themselves to their students, … Read more

Kelly Frankenfield

  • Kelly Frankenfield If you’re looking for an expert in the field of EL (English Learners, students whose native language is not English), look no further than St. Cloud Area School District and Kelly Frankenfield, director of EL (English Learner) and cultural programs, who recently testified at the Minnesota State Capitol. After graduating from the College of St. … Read more

Lacey Lokken

  • Lacey Lokken Lacey Lokken is a positive force to be reckoned with in St. Cloud Area School District. “The thing about Lacey is,” says Director of Equity Services, Sebastian Witherspoon, “she has this ability to make everyone around her feel good about themselves.” Lokken is the American Indian Program Coordinator for District 742 and works with American … Read more

Mike Tollefson

  • Mike Tollefson Kids love walking the halls of Lincoln Elementary School for a chance to say “Hi” to Mr. Mike. Mike Tollefson is the head engineer at Lincoln and he loves greeting every student. Yet, if a student is not paying attention when passing by and forgets to say hello, Tollefson stops and quizzes the student with … Read more

Ayan Omar

  • Ayan Omar Ayan Omar has had quite a journey to her language arts classroom at Tech High School.  Omar, born in Somalia, came to the United States in 1993 as a refugee and started her public education in Georgia. “My life started here in public education,” she says. “One of the reasons I became a teacher was … Read more

Justin Skaalerud

  • Justin Skaalerud Apollo football coach Justin Skaalerud recently received the 2017 Community Service Award by the Minnesota Football Coaches Association for his work with athletes and community involvement. Skaalerud requires all of his football players (freshmen through seniors) to work a minimum of 25 hours in community volunteer service every year. In addition to the satisfaction of … Read more

Brian LaBuda

  • Brian LaBuda We are #742Proud of Brian LaBuda, head engineer at Discovery Community School and Waite Park assistant chief firefighter. St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis recently honored LaBuda as a first responder among other firefighters and police officers. “In 2016,” Kleis remarked at the awards ceremony, “clearly the first responders are the heroes of the year.” LaBuda … Read more

Paul Bates and Mark Heysse

  • Mark Heysse Oak Hill is home to a physical education duo that loves their job, their students and athletics.  Paul Bates and Mark Heysse are veterans in District 742. Heysse has been a physical education teacher for 29 years with the District and with Oak Hill since the school opened. Bates has taught in the District for … Read more

Kristi Scott

  • Kristi Scott Many of you may recognize Kristi Scott. She is the first cook at McKinley-ALC. She’s been in the nutritional services department since 2007, and prior to McKinley, she was at Tech. Scott loves working in the school district and loves the interaction with students. However, her first priority is food safety and preparation — and … Read more

Adrian Washington

  • Adrian Washington Adrian Washington is giving back to the District that guided him in his educational journey. An Apollo High School graduate in 1995, Washington moved to St. Cloud from Minneapolis where his family had been living in a gang neighborhood. He started at North Junior High School. “Moving to St. Cloud saved my life,” says Washington. … Read more

Jon-Scott Johnson

  • Jon-Scott Johnson If a student is having a bad day, that frown will turn upside down if he or she is riding on Jon-Scott Johnson’s bus. Between “Candy Fridays,” Bus Bucks and good conversation, there’s no room for anything but a smile. “I’m the first person they see in the morning. I make sure they see a … Read more

Kristen Bauer and Kristen Mattick

  • Kristen Bauer, music teacher at Kennedy Community School, and Kristen Mattick, choir teacher at South Junior High School, are Kristen Bauer, music teacher at Kennedy Community School, and Kristen Mattick, choir teacher at South Junior High School, are two members of the choral group 5 Good Reasons. Their passion for music extends beyond the music room. Bauer has known since she was born, that she would be a music teacher. Her sister and mother are … Read more

Matthew Stockinger

  • Matthew Stockinger Matt Stockinger is not one to shy away from showing his love and passion for math and science. He is currently teaching coding, chemistry and ninth-grade science. Some might wonder why coding is associated with a math and science teacher. Stockinger got hooked on computational chemistry while attending St. John’s University. Computational chemistry is a … Read more