• Anna-Maija Lee Hello and welcome to my page!  I'm a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LSGW) working as a School Social Worker at Roosevelt Education Center, serving 9th-12th grade students as well as students in our 18-21 yr InStep Program.  I earned a Master of Social Work from the University of Southern California with my primary concentration in Community Organization, Planning & Administration and a sub-concentration in Military Social Work.  The focus of my research has been on grief experiences of children and teens impacted by death, divorce, parental incarceration, parental deployment and foster care placement.
    I come to St. Cloud Area School District 742 from Brainerd, MN where prior to attaining my MSW, I worked for a community mental health center for 4.5 years. As a Mental Health Practitioner and a Site Coordinator, I helped to provide school based mental health services to BHS students and students at Lincoln Education Center as a part of a mental health team.
    I'm passionate about empowering youth and fostering healthier family systems.  Some of my passions include researching trauma informed care methods, Adverse Childhood Experiences and resilience building.
    If you have any questions for me about my page or resources, please don't hesitate to call or email me.
    If I don't have an answer, I will do my best to find one for you.
    Phone: 320-257-0080 Ext. 6066
    Email: anna-maija.lee@isd742.org
     Relationships, a key protective factor.