•  Picture of Chelsea Bowker in a circleWelcome to my Tech Tigers webpage
    My name is Chelsea Bowker, and I teach Language Arts. I have taught for several years up to this point. I am beyond excited to work with each and every one of you this year, and we have quite a large amount of information to cover and learn together. If you or your families have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are a student and need resources, I put everything, all documents and presentations, on Schoology. See me if you need the class code. Parents, I can also get you access to Schoology if that is easier than email for you. 
     Email is the best way to reach me: chelsea.bowker@isd742.org
     Here is a little bit about me.
    I spent most of my childhood in Shakopee, MN; that is where Valley Fair is. I then moved up to Saint Cloud, MN to attend college at St. Cloud State University, where I got my B.S. in Communication Arts and Literature. I loved Saint Cloud so much that I made sure to stay here! I also have a Master's Degree in Educational Technology at Concordia University-Saint Paul. 
    Here are 10 fun facts about me:
          1. I run a lot, but you can totally outrun me when it comes to speed. 
          2. I have two cats named Dobby and Weasley; can you guess what book they are from? My dog, however, is named Gemma. 
          3. My favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. I even dressed as her for a recent comic convention I went to!
          4. I hike over 100 miles a summer. 
          5. I know 44 digits of pi (3.14...). In High School, I actually preferred Math to LA. 
          6. I have two children of my own. 
          7. The best book ever is Into the Wild; I will visit the bus in Alaska someday. 
          8. There are not enough buffalo wings in the world to satisfy my tastebuds. In other words, buffalo wings are my favorite food. Pho takes a close second. 
          9. I can ID about 40 different mushrooms.
          10. I am not unique for this, but I have watched the entire series of The Office mmmmmm probably 90 times at this point...? I like the writing a lot. But, Jim annoys me...