District 742 Wraps-Up Referendum Listening Sessions

  • In December 2015, District 742 administration recommended a pause to give the District time to review the bond referendum election results and collect further community input. To assist in that process, the District enlisted the services of Marty Moran of Clear Path Consulting to facilitate the listening sessions and help formulate recommendations for moving forward.

    In January, an advisory group was formed to help guide the process of the listening sessions with the intention of:

    • Better understanding the common reasons as to why community members supported or voted against the referendum;
    • Better understanding what recommendations they might have with respect to a future referendum;
    • Broadening and strengthening the District’s relationships with business and community members.

    Throughout February and March, 16 listening sessions were held at various locations in the community to gather feedback regarding the referendum. Over 600 people were invited, with 150 participating.

    Marty Moran of Clear Path, Inc., summarizes information gathered from the 16 listening sessions that were held throughout the community. He also summarizes any recommendations from the advisory group. Click to view PowerPoint.