• Hello,
    Welcome to my web-page for giving out basic information about my classroom. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using one of the methods shown below.
    Period 1: Chemistry (8:30-9:21)
    Period 2: Chemistry (9:26-10:17)
    Advisory/Tiger Time (10:22-10:52)
    Period 3: Chemistry (10:57-11:48)
    Period 4: AP Chemistry/Lunch (11:53-1:20)
    Period 5: Prep (1:25-2:16)
    Period 6: Physics (2:21-3:15)
    Kerry Kopp, Room F217
    320-370-8350 ext 8527
    If you are wanting to access the classroom page (password protected), please use the following link: