Work-Based Learning Coordinator 
    Students are able to earn 2 elective credits for working a minimum of 10 hours per week.  Students are required to complete safety training and have the Individual Training Agreement signed by student, parent/guardian, training sponsor, and teacher prior to being released from school to work.    Students will meet with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator weekly to complete assignments in the areas of safety, job attainment, soft skills, communication, leadership, career exploration, and  work habits.   
    Students are responsible for finding employment and once employed they are expected to remain employed at the same job for the remainder of the school year to earn credit.   Students whose employment is terminated or quit without approval from the coordinator may not earn credit.   Those struggling to find employment independently may qualify for job training programs or other community resources. Students will learn how to find employment, answer interview questions and meet employer expectations.  
Keep this in mind.