• Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts 

    Welcome to 6th grade language arts! This year we will read and write every day.  Every night, your homework is to read for twenty minutes (or more).  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about our work!


    Language arts learning objectives:

    Make inferences.

    Describe characters and setting.

    Describe plot.

    Analyze the structure of lyric poems.

    Cite text evidence.

    Determine central idea and details.

    Analyze text features and structure.

    Understand visual and sound elements.

    Paraphrase ideas.

    Identify and analyze imagery.

    Identify and analyze personification.

    Analyze point of view.

    Summarize central idea and details.

    Identify persuasive techniques.

    Determine author's purpose.

    Integrate information in different media.

    Evaluate an argument.