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    Kindergarten Teacher

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Mr. Wucherer
  •  Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (Feb. 17th-21st) 

    A Peek At The Week: Our essential question for the week will be, How can you stay safe in bad weather?  New vocab. Words to be discussed are; safe, prepare, notice, celebration and enough.  Students will also review all the letter sounds and learn about the short e sound.  We will continue to blend letters together to make words.  We will continue to work on the ir, ur, or ar and er sounds as well.  We will review what nouns are and work to write more clearly and with a voice.  We will also create a weather report during writer’s workshop.   Students will work on making connections in our reading to better comprehend what they are learning about in the informational texts we cover.  Students will practice and take the Aa-Zz writing test.  Students that need to retake the writing to 100 test will also be busy this week reviewing their number patterns on the hundred chart!  We also will be continuing to work on classifying/sorting objects by different attributes and adding more numbers together.  Students will all review the game What’s My Rule, What Number am I thinking about on the 100 Chart, IXL Math Word Problems and a tally and count lesson!  We will be starting our Paper Unit in Science 

    Looking Ahead:  Our essential question will be, how are some animals alike and how are they different.  New vocabulary words will be; appearance, behavior, exercise, wander and plenty.  Students will continue to isolate sounds in words but will focus on the long Uu and short Uu, Aa, and Ii.  Students will continue to blend words together and review what verbs are.  We will be reading more informational texts and working on our comprehension through the strategy of rereading.  We also will be making connections to the text, helping us remember key details!  Students will also be reading and discussing poetry.  During our writer’s workshop we will continue to revise our work and create an animal card.  Math will consist of more addition games and algebra with the missing addend, example (_+5=9)!  We will continue with sorting, place value and working with the hundreds chart.  We will be making numbers with the base ten blocks and using the IXL Math Link on my webpage to do some 1st grade math problems!  Please feel free to try it out with your child.  It will only allow 10minutes for free!!  Math time will also consist of Reading/Math Testing!  With the nice weather outside, please make sure your child is getting plenty of rest at night.  I have noticed some of the kids getting very tired in afternoons! 


    Monday, March 2nd-6th (NO SCHOOL) 


    Help Wanted:     Please keep working on the Feb. learning packets and turn them back into me once you have completed them. 

    Sharing:  Bring in any object you like.  Be prepared to tell the class the beginning sound. 

    Special Note:   Please continue to work on the sheet of letters, sight words, number recognition and counting ect. I sent it home a few weeks ago. 





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