• Welcome to 2nd grade!
    Welcome--you are Ridin' with Ramler!
    Here is our basic schedule for the 2019-2020 school year.  
    7:15-7:40 Breakfast (for those who choose to eat at school) and Morning check-in
    7:40-9:15 Language Arts Block 

    9:15-9:50 Science/Social/Health (Library on Fridays)

    9:50-10:10 Read aloud

    10:10-10:50 Recess/lunch

    10:50-12:15 Math (computer lab on Thursdays)

    12:15-1:05 Specialists

    1:05-1:35 Library/Snack/bathroom/Social skills

    1:35-1:50 Afternoon meeting

    1:50 Get ready for dismissal at 2:00 

    Homework:  I encourage you to read every night for 10 min or more.  For math I would like you play the card games we send home though your seesaw account (We will do a video to show you how to play each one).  Writing is encouraged--let your child help write notes, lists, or letters to someone.  Yes, they could do that on a device.  Also IXL is available for both reading and math.  Your child may choose a specific skill or choose recommendations and choose from the list that is created just for your child!
    I will be communicating through the seesaw app also.  Your child will also be posting pictures and videos to help you see what goes on in the classroom!!!

    Please feel free to email or call whenever you have a question:)  We are a team to help your child succeed. 
    School Phone number:  320-370-7430  ext 7507

    Mrs. Ramler