• Mrs. Figallo
    Welcome to Mrs. Figallo's Page!
    Hello!  My name is Teresa Figallo (pronounced "fig" like Fig Newton, and "aloe" like Aloe Vera). I am new to North Jr. High School this year, but I've been teaching in the St. Cloud Area School District for 9 years, now.  I'm originally from Minneapolis, MN and am married with two spunky children.   I enjoy reading, painting, drawing, and have an unhealthy obsession with the color green.  If you need to get in touch with me, contact me by email at teresa.figallo@isd742.org.
    I can also be reached at X4213 
    DAILY SCHEDULE (all 8th grade)
    Period 1- Honors Earth Science
    Period 2- Prep
    Period 3- Earth Science 
    Period 4- Earth Science
    Period 5- Earth Science
    Period 6- Earth Science
    Each day, students must come ready to learn, ask questions, and participate.  Science is awesome!  Be ready to learn.  No excuses.  Try hard.  Ask questions.