• Welcome!
    I am excited to be starting my 22nd year in the St. Cloud School District; 20 years as a Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) teacher at Apollo High School and 2 years as the special education teacher at ALC-Wilson (now Mc Kinley).  As an SLD teacher at Apollo, I have the pleasure of working in the general education Language Arts classrooms, as well as teaching pull out Language Arts Skills 11/12 classes for students with learning disabilities.       
    I love teaching at Apollo High School and am proud to call it my "home away from home".  I look forward to another great year getting to know our students.
    2019-20 Schedule
    Period 1: 8:30-9:23  Study Skills(1st tr) Visual Lit.w/Mr. Jennisson(2nd tr) Short Story Lit w/Ms. Brandner (3rd tr)
    Period 2: 9:28-10:21  Language Arts 11/12 Skills  
    Period 3: 10:26-11:21  Transition Study Skills (1st tr) PREP (2nd tri), Transition Study Skills (3rd tri)
    Period 4:  11:26-12:21  Indirect Study learning time/Lunch
    Period 5:  12:26-1:19  Language Arts 11/12 Skills
    Period 6:  1:24-2:17  PREP(1st tri) Creative Writing w/Mr. Olson(2nd tr) Communication w/Ms VanLaanan(3rd tr) 
    Period 7:  2:22-3:15  LA 11:Themes in Am Lit. w/Ms. Barron-Traut (1st & 2nd tr) PREP (3rd tr)  
    Contact Information
    Phone: 320-370-8760
    Email:  kristen.stuckey@isd742.org