Electives & Advance Placement

  • Since many students pursue careers that are not directly related to core curriculum, students are encouraged to cultivate interests beyond traditional subjects and to demonstrate the depth and seriousness of study that appeal to colleges. With a diverse selection of electives, students stay motivated and engaged in the learning process. Just a few of the elective choices include Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Electricity and Robotics, Debate and Environmental Science. Students also have 22 Advanced Placement (AP) courses to choose from, allowing them to prepare for the next step in their educational journey. Each year, 500-600 students participate in AP courses with the opportunity to earn college credit.

    Advanced Placement is an internationally recognized program that provides opportunities for students to experience college-level academics while enrolled in high school. Students are able to earn college credit for an Advanced Placement course if they pass the AP Exam given in the spring.

    Students in St. Cloud School Area District have a wide variety of choices for Advanced Placement, including options in English, math, music, science, social studies, visual art and world languages. Historically, students at both Apollo and Tech High Schools have performed very well on the AP Exams, with approximately 70% of students receiving college credit for their scores. Studies also indicate that students who enroll in academically rigorous courses are more prepared and ultimately more successful in college. Contact your counseling department for more information on the AP program.

    Why AP?

    • Skills developed in AP will not only benefit a student in high school, but in college and beyond.
    • Coursework is thought provoking, challenging, and substantial.
    • AP can give an edge with college admissions.
    • Earn college credit while still in high school.
    • AP success can lead to scholarships and academic awards.
    • Discover true potential - and reach beyond with AP

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    When are the AP Exams given?
    The AP exams are administered during the first two weeks of May on a schedule determined by the College Board. Please check the College Board website or contact your school counselor for specific dates and times.

    Is there a fee for the class?
    AP courses do not include an extra fee for enrollment. The AP Exam, taken in May, does include a fee that is predominately covered by the State of Minnesota. Additional fee scholarships are also available. Some math and science classes utilize a graphing calculator for daily assignments.

    What prerequisites exist for class enrollment?
    District 742 supports an Access for ALL policy regarding AP enrollment. Any student who is willing to work hard and accept the challenge is eligible for AP enrollment. However, AP courses in math and science require mastery of Algebra II prior to participation. Please contact your counselor for more information.

    Who do I contact for more information?
    Please check the school link for more detailed information on AP programming at your school. You can also contact your school counselor for more information on enrollment.