• Partnering With Families to Keep Students Safe

    St. Cloud Area School District is contracting with Securly to provide an online student safety solution for students in grades K-12. Families with email addresses on file with the district will be automatically enrolled and will receive email reports from Securly. Parents can now view their children's activity across educational sites and time syncs at-home across all of their school-owned devices. All of this is delivered via beautifully designed dashboards and e-mail reports!
    Weekly activity emails provide snapshots of your child’s Internet use while on a school-owned or issued device. The emails parents receive can help start conversations around various topics, including education, online safety, and peer pressure.
    St. Cloud Area School District DOES NOT actively monitor student internet searches or flagged activities via Securly. This is a service provided to families at no cost for district-issued devices, in order for parents/guardians to monitor their students’ activities and respond as they feel most appropriate. Flagged Activities include web searches related to self-harm, bullying, violence, and grief. To learn more about Flagged Activities, go to Securly - Flagged Activities. Again, the responsibility for monitoring flagged student activity lies with the parent/guardian.

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View Online Activity

  • View Online Activity


    Stop guessing, know your child’s online activity. View their recent searches, sites visited, and videos watched on their school-owned device.

Get Urgent Alerts

  • Urgent Updates


    Get flagged activity notifications for your child related to signs of bullying, self-harm, and other concerning content.

Balance Time Online

  • Balance Time Online


    Help your child stay focused while at home, turn their internet access on or off with a single tap.

Review Weekly Email Reports

  • Weekly Email Reports


    A high-level email snapshot of your child’s weekly online activity, directly to your inbox.