Inspire 1:1 for Learning

  • Inspire 1:1Inspire is more than our 1:1 learning program! It is about a changing approach to teaching and learning focused on a student-centered environment.

    We believe technology is best used when it supports active learning that promotes our district mission to “engage, inspire, educate, prepare and empower all learners”.  Success is defined as the ability to do the following in terms of various foundational skills (eg. literacy, numeracy, scientific literacy, etc…) necessary to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s society:

    We are very excited to see this learning program continue to expand as more students gain access to technology and teachers continue to learn how to best integrate such access into their teaching.  As always, we thank our communities for their support.


    2023-24 School Year Information for Grade 6 - 12 Families

    View the directions for families that want to complete the agreement and purchase device insurance online -

    To receive a district device, students are required to:

    1. Have a parent/guardian sign a Student Device Agreement each school year. Before signing the form, please read the full Agreement Handbook below. This form is available in Skyward Family Access (under Online Forms) beginning on August 9, 2022.


    Tech damage fees 2. Pay any outstanding technology use or damage fees. These charges are listed in Skyward Family Access under Fee Management. 


    Purchase district insurance 3. Choose to purchase or waive the protection plan. Families may waive the insurance if they so choose. If families wish to purchase a device protection plan, it must be done no later then September 15, 2023. After September 15, 2023, families who have not either purchased insurance or opted out will move default to Opt Out with all expectations listed below. 

    For new families starting during the year, protection plans may be purchased within 2 weeks of their first day of attendance or opt out of the protection plan. To purchase the protection plan, please log in to Skyward Family Access, and complete the online form.

    A print version of the agreement can be downloaded here:

    Please return this form and any insurance payment (optional) to your student's school office.


    Families can purchase a plan that provides generous coverage for damages (i.e. a first broken screen is fully covered each year, a first damaged cord is fully covered each year).


        Free/Reduced Lunch Status
    All Devices $20 $0








    If a protection plan is not purchased, families are responsible for 100% of the cost of any repairs/damage/lost devices. Families who opt out of the protection plan will be held responsible for ALL damage to their devices including, but not limited to broken screens, lost/stolen devices, cables, cords, and other damages.  To review the various expenses associated with a damaged or lost device, please go to