Technology Integration Staff

  • Angie Angie Kalthoff, Technology Integrationist

    Angie's previous role was as a Kindergarten EL teacher at Discovery Community School. She moved to the technology integration role in 2012. She currently focuses on support for Grades K-5 throughout the district. Her areas of special interest include:

    • Google Apps for Education including Google Classroom
    • Robotics and computational thinking
    • Coding for student learning
    • Integration of technology for early readers
    • Seesaw for elementary schools



    John Gerads, Technology Integrationist

    John joined the technology integration team in 2014 after teaching science at North Junior High School.  He currently provides support to both North and South Junior High and grades 6-8 at Kennedy as part of the iNSPIRE 1:1 program.  His areas of special interest include:

    • Mobile learning for middle level learners with iPads
    • iPad management through Casper
    • The integration and management of Schoology for teachers and students
    • Creating collaborative environments for student learning



    Kim Hess, Technology Integrationist

    Kim has spent many years as a special education instructor in our district and now supports our SPED department for technology integration.  She currently focuses her time with our various SPED and alternative programs  Her areas of special interest include:

    • Accessibility features to help all students be successful
    • Supporting the use of technology to support reading instruction
    • Exploring alternative ways for teachers to support learning throughout our various SPED programs
    • Supporting IEP teams in the selection, acquisition and implementation of appropriate assistive technology devices and services