• Mr. Jeff Wucherer,
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Oak Hill Office: 251-7936

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    Mr. Wucherer’s E-Mail: jeffrey.wucherer@isd742.org

Mr. Wucherer
  • Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (November 11th -15th)

    A Peek At The Week: No school on Nov. 27, 28, 29th . We will be testing in all areas for the end of the first trimester. Students will get tested on writing their Aa-Zz and writing their numbers 0-50 and 0-100. Reading will consist of the essential question, What rules do we follow in different places? Students will continue to work on guided retelling, review what a noun, verb, adjective and pronoun is. We will continue to work on our close reading and blend words with the short I and m, s, t, p. Have your child read these words, (Sam, tap, sap, Pam, pat, and mat. We will continue with our EZ write program, work on our All About Me Book and discovering one small moment. During Math we will focus on graphing, building with pattern blocks, playing the game Top-It, playing the monster squeeze game, working on # line with number order. We will continue to break apart numbers and focus on 9, 10 and one more. We will also be focusing on positional words like: above, below, in front, behind, next to and beside.

    Looking Ahead: Math will be very busy this week. Math lessons will consist of continuing to group objects and 1-1 counting of them, adding, reviewing patterning, counting and 100 chart patterns and lastly continuing to write our numbers to 100! We will continue with our EZ write curriculum. We are nearing the end of this program and will then move full time into Writer’s Workshop!! We will continue on with Social Studies, by continuing to read book about why we have rules and learning about who makes up these rule/laws (Civics). We are also focusing on reading maps. The Essential Question for Reading is: What are the different sounds we hear? New Vocab. Words will be volume, chat, exclaimed, and familiar. Students will learn the strategy of visualizing what they are reading to help them with their Guided Retelling. We will work on writing a personal narrative sentence and blend words with the short a, I and n, p, and t. It will be a short, but another very busy week at school.


    Tuesday, November 19th: Field Trip to the Great Theatre (Rainbow Fish Musical)

    Friday, November 22nd: End of Trimester

    No School: No school on Nov. 27th, 28th, 29th.


    Sharing: Bring in two items that are opposites. Each child will need 3 clues to describe their objects. Students in the class will get 3 guesses to see if they can solve the riddle.

    Help Wanted: Please continue to work on the new (What I Need To Learn) sheet I sent home a couple weeks ago in their Daily Folder. These items are what your child still needs to work on from Trimester 1 Testing .

    Special Thanks: Thank you to all the parents who continue to work with their child at home! I can see all the wonderful progress they are making during our testing times.   







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