• Mr. Jeff Wucherer,
    Kindergarten Teacher

    Oak Hill Office: 251-7936

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    Mr. Wucherer’s E-Mail: jeffrey.wucherer@isd742.org

Mr. Wucherer
  • Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (Jan. 6th-10th) 

    A Peek At The Week:  We had another GREAT week in Kindergarten!   Essential Question:  How can people help to make your community better? Students will learn vocabulary words: community, improve confused, harvest and quarrel.  Please discuss these words at home. Our sentence writing will focus on using adjectives.  We will continue to work on segmenting and blending too.  We are just about done with our Reading testing, look for a new “Things I Still Need to Work on Sheet” to come home soon.  Once testing is complete, all students will be bringing home Guided Reading Books regularly.  Math will also contain TESTING, writing two-digit numbers, patterning, numbers beyond 10 and 3-D shapes! 

    Looking Ahead:  The students will continue working on their Winter Testing.  We will use this new data for our new learning groups!  Please have your child read the small Guided Reading books they are bringing home in the big tan envelopes.  Please cover up the pictures and have them try it again.  Look for sight words to work on from the text and try to think of a few comprehension questions to ask them when they are finished reading to you!  Please send the book back the next day (if possible).  Essential Question:  What do living things need to grow?  Students will learn vocabulary words: require, plant, harmful, soak and crowd.  Letter focus will be the letter (Ff).  Students will write a story about a frog and work to spell words like jet, mug, fit, etc. in their journal.  Writer’s Workshop will work on internalizing story shapes, storytelling with partners and writing some words in a snap.  Math will consist of adding and subtracting, measurement, tally marks, time and counting by 5’s.  Health will consist of finishing our discussion on Our Bodies. 


    *No School:  Mon. Jan. 20th and Tues. Jan. 21st 

    Help Wanted:     PAKRAT books are coming home again:   (Parents and Kids Reading A lot Together) books your child will be bringing home each week.  Please read them to your child and ask the appropriate questions that are on the informational sheet that comes along with the book. Please remember to SIGN the sheet in the bag each time you read a book with them. 

    Sharing:  We will be reviewing words that rhyme!  Please bring in two pictures, items or words that rhyme to share with the class.  The students will think of other words that rhyme with your child’s sharing! 

    Special Thanks:  Thank you to all the parents who have been doing the extra academic work with their children at home.  I am looking forward to seeing the difference in their test scores!   

    Thank you for everything you do!






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