• Mr. Gainey was born in St. Cloud MN, and spent almost all of his formative years attending school in this district. While he attended South Jr. High he enjoyed Football, Swim Team, Golf, and the School Plays! After South he went to Tech High School and enjoyed several more seasons of Football, Swimming and Track! 
    While at Tech, Mr. Gainey met the love of his life, Susan has been with her ever since. They were married in 2003. After Tech, Mr. G went on to SCSU, and thrived there learning all he could in History and Education. Graduating in 2004, he went on to land his dream job at South Jr. High. The very place he taught his first lesson to a class in 8th grade back in the 1990's.

    Due to budget cuts, Gainey was let go and landed another job at Apollo High School (Gasp!). Teaching AP World History and a wide selection of other classes kept him busy for several years and even landed him a Leadership in Educational Excellence Award (LEEA) in 2009. After years of waiting Mr. Gainey was reassigned to South in 2011! After his return he was awarded with the KCLD Teacher of the Week! In 2013 Mr. Gainey received his Second LEEA award. 

    Currently Mr. G lives with his wife and son Emmett (9 years old) in Little Falls and enjoys playing with his son, reading, video games, movies, and eating food from around the world... He also holds a masters degree in education from the University of Saint Mary's.

    Thank you for your time reading all of this....

    (Writing about your self in 3rd person can be tricky...)