Welcome to North Jr. High

    Grade Six Language Arts

    Ms. Johnson 

               Email: julie.a.johnson@isd742.org



    Grade Six Language Arts Syllabus


    Language Arts Standards and Course Topics

    I.  Reading            III.  Speaking, Viewing, Listening & Media Literacy      

    II. Writing              IV.  Language


    Grading Policy

    Based on mastery of the MN State Standards

    A = 90-100%          B = 80-89%        C = 70-79%      D = 60-69%

    Please check skyward to keep updated on progress.



    Collections Houghton Mifflin Harcourt textbook.

    Readers Workshop-Students must select and read various books, novels, etc. and complete a reading review to show comprehension. They are required to read in school and at home for 30 minutes daily.


    Six Traits Writing Model. Grammar Usage. CLC-Literacy Strategies.

    Speaking, Viewing, Listening

    Strategies for proper communications and presentations.


    Level-up writing activities and lessons to support writing strategies.

    Technology: iPads, Computer Lab, Schoology, AVID Online Binders, Google Docs, Word Processing, Research. Etc.


    What do I need to bring to class?

    -Pencils                                    -LA College Ruled Paper     -Pocket Folder                         - iPad

    -Highlighters                             -Post It Notes                             -Colored Pencils or Markers     

    -Independent Reading Book          -Agenda Book                                 -Pencil Sharpener


    How can I be successful in language arts?

    -Be On Time                 -Use Agenda                           -Ask Questions     

    -Be Prepared                -Participate                             -Be Respectful

    -Be Organized              -Complete Assignments         -Have a positive attitude


    Write detailed assignments in Agenda every day.

    Complete all assignments and independent reading at school and at home.


    Classroom Procedures.  What you should know about our classroom. 

    Procedures are a part of daily life.  They help us run smoothly and in a organized manner.  We follow procedures for playing a game, using the internet, boarding a plane, and crossing the street. They help us function in society by letting us know the acceptable and efficient ways of accomplishing something or earning success. Procedures may vary in certain setting: school, home, the Mall, Sports, etc.  


    1) Enter room quietly and take your seat immediately. Taking out your materials and write assignment and daily learning goal in agenda. Place other materials on floor under your chair. Prepare to begin class.


    2) If you were absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. You can check Schoology, Call a friend, or check the assignment board. You have 2 days to turn in work due to being absent.  If you have questions-Please ask.


    3) Raise your hand to ask questions or contribute information. Everyone is expected to participate in class discussions.


    4) You will know when the teachers needs your attention because I will send a signal and then you must immediately stop what you are doing and look at the teacher and be ready for instruction. 


    5) Use your notebook, folder, iPad, and agenda appropriately and for Language Arts only.  Remember to write your name, period, and date in top right corner of every assignment.  I will collect your assignments daily.


    6) Use class time wisely.  Keep working until the last minute of class. Do not start putting items away early as it disturbs others.



    Dear Students and Families,


    Welcome to a new and exciting year at North Junior High!  Your middle school years are an extremely important part of your future. Together we will experience academic learning and personal growth. The Language Arts Curriculum includes Collections Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Textbook, Six Traits Writing, Communication, Guided and Independent Reading, Poetry, Research, Technology, Readers Workshop Strategies, and Graphic Arts.  You will be given many opportunities to express your thoughts in writing, communications, and graphic arts.  We will visit the media center and computer labs and you will be allowed to choose your favorite books and topics for independent reading and research. Please participate in enrichment activities as it is a welcomed opportunity for you to seek out and learn new and interesting information. Our classroom will provide a safe and positive environment to put you inventive ideas to work.  I am looking forward to being inspirational and motivational in your learning progress and am confident that you will be academically successful.


    Students need to bring all materials to class and be prepared to participate everyday.  Daily work and expectations are posted daily on the Classroom Assignment Board.  Students are expected to write detailed assignments in their Agenda Planner EVERY day.  There is usually time to complete work in class, however, parents are asked to check their child’s Agenda Planner and Skyward Accounts and encourage them to complete any unfinished/missing assignments.  All assignments should be kept in the student’s Language Arts folder and online binder and/or notebook to check for best effort and completion.  Students may take the folder, iPad, and notebook home to complete work but must return them daily.  Please remember to charge the IPad every night. We are here to support and guide your child’s learning during the school year.


    Thank You,

    Ms. Johnson