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    Following is some information that you may find useful.
    Julia (Jill) Schuldt-Martinez Schedule for Trimester Three 2019-2020
                                                 Period 1   English Academy        room 417
                                                 Period 2   EL Developing            room 417                                               
                                                 Period 3   EL Developing            room 417                                                   
                                                 Period 4   AdvisoryLunch B         room 417                                              
                                                 Period 5   EL Developing            room 417
                                                 Period 6   Prep.                         room 417                                            
                                                 Period 7   EL Developing            room 417
    If you would like to meet with me, periods 4 works best.
    Contact Information
    Telephone Number:  (320)-370-8750
    E-Mail:  Julia.Schuldt-Martinez@isd742.org