Talent Development and Accelerated Services Levels of Service

  • St. Cloud Area Schools strive to provide talent development services along a continuum of needs recognizing that all students benefit from enrichment opportunities and an opportunity to develop individual talents while also being mindful of the fact that other students require unique educational opportunities to meet advanced academic needs. St. Cloud Area Schools offer the following leveled service options to meet the needs of all learners in the area of talent development. Please note, not all schools currently serve every level of Talent Development programming.

    Level One- Schoolwide Enrichment
    All students access schoolwide enrichment opportunities designed to be enriching, engaging, hands on experiences that foster 21st century learning. These opportunities are facilitated by building differentiation specialists in partnership with classroom teachers.

    Level Two-Young Scholars
    Many students demonstrate observable behaviors that indicate high potential. These students are best served by targeted, ongoing opportunities to nurture their academic potential. Students identified as Young Scholars demonstrate observable traits that can be indicators of advanced thinking, processing or reasoning.

    Level Three-High Achievement Cluster Placement/Math and Reading High Achievement Services
    Several students have academic needs that extend beyond the current grade level curriculum. These students require opportunities to have current curriculum enriched with depth and complexity. In addition, they also require the option of accelerating to more advanced curriculum at times. Students who show evidence of this need are placed with a trained teacher in a classroom with like ability peers. The students receive a differentiated curriculum that meets their educational needs. This option allows students to receive full time services while also maintaining the classroom experience of having mixed ability peers.

    Students who have academic needs that extend far beyond grade level standards may qualify for additional challenges from building Talent Development Specialists. These services are offered in both math and reading in grades 2-5.