742 Imagine

  • 742 Imagine LogoWe are excited to launch the 742 Imagine campaign highlighting the innovative people and programs throughout our district and inspiring possibility. Imagine all of us listening to one another and taking a risk, trying something differently, so that we can have different outcomes for our students, our families, our community and ourselves. Imagine that!

742 Imagine: Class of 2024

742 Imagine: Thank You, Teachers

742 Imagine: Community Education

742 Imagine: Discovery Community School

742 Imagine: The Impact of Volunteers

742 Imagine: Talahi Community School and Lincoln Elementary School

742 Imagine: Imagine Working Your Dream Job

742 Imagine: Westwood Elementary School

742 Imagine: Robotics Teams Imagine the Possibilities

742 Imagine: Oak Hill Community School

742 Imagine: Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)

742 Imagine: Kennedy Community School

742 Imagine: Modern Classroom

742 Imagine: Opportunities Through Education

742 Imagine: Madison Elementary School

742 Imagine: September Kickoff to the New Year