• District 742 offers a wide variety of options and opportunities for students outside of the classroom. Research shows that students who participate in extracurricular activities are more likely to be successful in school and achieve higher grades than other children. By participating in after school activities, students can learn new skills and gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. Students can also improve their physical, cognitive and emotional skills depending on the types of activities. Additionally, extracurricular activities provide students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, which can contribute to successful social skills in the future. With 33 High School League sponsored athletics including Lacrosse, Gymnastics, & Nordic Skiing and over 45 groups & clubs such as Drama, Robotics, Knowledge Bowl and Future Problem Solvers, students are certain to find activities that match their interests and enhance their school experience.

Middle Level Athletics

Athletic Activity Kennedy North South
Adapted Floor Hockey * X *
Adapted Floor Soccer * * *
Adapted Softball * * *
Alpine Skiing * * *
Baseball X X X
Basketball Boys X X X
Basketball Girls X X X
Cross Country Boys & Girls * * *
Dance * * *
Fitness Training Boys & Girls * X X
Football X X X
Golf Boys * * *
Golf Girls * * *
Gymnastics * * *
Lacrosse Boys * * *
Lacrosse Girls * * *
Nordic Skiing * * *
Soccer Girls * X X
Soccer Boys * X X
Softball X X X
Swimming & Diving Boys * * *
Swimming & Diving Girls * * *
Tennis boys * * *
Tennis Girls * * *
Track Boys and Girls * * X
Volleyball X X X
Wrestling * * *
Zumba X
* Indicates the activity is hosted at the High School level (Apollo or Tech)

High School Athletics

Athletic Activity Season Apollo Tech
Adapted Floor Hockey Boys & Girls Winter X X
Adapted Floor Soccer Boys & Girls Fall X X
Alpine Skiing Boys & Girls Winter X X
Baseball Spring X X
Basketball Boys Winter X X
Basketball Girls Winter X X
Cross Country Boys Fall X X
Cross Country Girls Fall X X
Dance Team-Competitive Winter X X
Football Fall X X
Golf Boys Spring X X
Golf Girls Spring X X
Gymnastics Winter X X
Hockey Boys Winter X X
Hockey Girls Winter X X
Lacrosse Boys Spring X X
Lacrosse Girls Spring X X
Nordic Skiing Boys & Girls Winter X X
Soccer Girls Fall X X
Soccer Boys Fall X X
Softball Spring X X
Swimming Boys Winter X X
Swimming Girls Fall X X
Tennis boys Spring X X
Tennis Girls Fall X X
Track Boys Spring X X
Track Girls Spring X X
Volleyball Fall X X
Wrestling Winter X X

Middle Level Clubs & Groups

Club/Group Kennedy North South
Future Problem Solving X X X
Art Club X
Chamber Choir X X X
Chamber Orchestra X X
Drama Club X
Geography Bee X X X
Jazz Band X X X
Knowledge Bowl X X X
Math League X
Musicals X
Plays X X X
Sci Gals X X
Service Learning X
Speech Club X
Spelling Bee X X X
Stock Market Game X
Student Council X X X
Talent/Variety Show X X X
Targeted Services X
United States Academic Triathlon X X X
WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) X
WordMasters X
Yearbook X X

High School Clubs & Groups

Club/Group Apollo Tech
Art Club X
Auto Club X X
Badminton Club X
Bacchanal- Creative Arts Magazine X
Band X X
Book Club X
Bowling Club X
Chamber Choir X
Chamber Orchestra X
Dance Team X X
Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) X
Drama Club X X
Environmental Science & Gardening X
French Club X X
Future Educators X
Future Problem Solving X X
Gay Straight Alliance X X
German Club X X
Green Club X
Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA) X
Jazz Band X
Knowledge Bowl X X
Link Crew X X
Math League X X
Mock Trial X
Music Listening Team X
National Honor Society X X
Orchestra X X
Pep Band X X
Plays X
Political Club X
Robotics Team X X
Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD) X X
School Newspaper X X
Sign Language Club X
SkillsUSA X
Social Justice X
Somali Student Association X
Spanish Club X X
Speech Team X X
Student Council X
Student Union X
Vocal Music X X
Work Experience X
Yearbook X X