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Mr. Wucherer
  •  Mr. Wucherer’s Classroom News (Jan. 25th-Jan. 29th)

    A Peek At The Week:    We are excited for small groups and our Guided Reading groups to begin!!  Look for us to review the phonograms ig, it, ug, and, et, at, ut and ot.  We are working hard on our retelling skills.  Please have us retell you a story we learned at school.  We will also be segmenting word parts and blending sounds together. We will discuss how living things change as they grow.  We will review what a pronoun is and learn the new vocabulary words:  develop, amazing, enormous, and content.  We are always focusing on making connections in the text and our retelling of the story.  Please do so at home too.  Students will blend words with the short e, a, I, o and t, n, h, m, s, and p.  We will continue to focus on the beginning, middle and end during our writer’s workshop and completing our EZ write curriculum.  Math will consist of compose and decompose numbers to 10, patterning, 2-D and 3-D shapes, graphing, number recognition, addition 10+  20+  30+  ect., 100 chart patterns, and telling time!  Begin Science Foss Kit on Wood.

    Looking Ahead:  We will be starting Unit 5 Week #3 next week. Our essential question for the week is:  What kinds of things grow on a farm.  Vocab. Words to be introduced:  fresh, delicious, beneath, raise, and special.  We will continue to work on Pronouns and keep reviewing nouns, verbs and adjectives!  We will continue to work on our retelling and comprehension skills.  We will focus on the charters, setting, and plot as we read the text.  We will focus on the short a, e, I, o, and f, r, n, d, p, and t.  Writer’s workshop will have us continuing to sound out words and organizing our writing.  We will also work to create a specific beginning, middle and end to our stories!!  Math will again consist of composing and decomposing numbers, patterning, measurement, graphing, I Spy Game, double digit math, adding and subtracting review.  Feel free to check out the IXL Math on my webpage.  Science:  We are still working on our Wood Kit. 


    No. School:  Friday, January 29th, Monday, February 1st, Tuesday, February 2nd

     Scholastic Book Orders Due Online by:  Friday, February 5th

    Valentine’s Day Fun:  Friday, February 12th


    Help Wanted:     Please keep working on the Jan. learning packets and send them back to school once they are completed!

    Sharing: Create a pattern at home and bring it in to share with the class! Please label your patter/patterns with ABBABB, ABCABC, AABAAB, etc

    Special Note:   Please send in any small puzzle pieces you don’t need anymore.  Please ask your Grandma and Grandpa’s if they have any old 1000 piece puzzles they don’t use any longer!


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