• Contact Information
    Nelson Mitchell
    Choir and World Drumming
    North Junior High 
    Phone: (320)251-2159 x4254
    E-mail: nelson.mitchell@isd742.org 
    Schedule by Periods:
    Day 1:                                                                            Day 2: 
    1: 7th Grade Choir                                                       1: 7th Grade W.D.
    2: 7th Grade Choir                                                       2: 8th Grade Choir
    3: PREP (B. Bushman in 254)                                     3: 8th Grade W.D.
            LUNCH C                                                                    LUNCH C 
    4: 6th Grade Choir                                                       4: PREP
    5: 8th Grade Choir                                                       5: 6th Grade Choir
    6: 6th General Music (split class w/ B. Bushman)  6: 7th Grade W.D.
    Upcoming Events:
    Thursday, March 9th - The North Junior High Choir students will be presenting their second concert or the year.  This is our "Pops Concert"; delivered in the Little Theater rather than the gymnasium, and utilizing small groups of students singing (in most cases) music chosen by them.
    6th Grade-  Concert portion starts at 6pm
    7th Grade-  Concert portion starts at 7pm 
    8th Grade-  Concert portion starts at 8pm